Online Classes

Join Cheryl Machat Dorskind for one of her awesome online classes.

Cheryl Machat Dorskind has been mentoring and teaching photography, along with online classes to students and clients worldwide for over ten years with rave reviews and stellar results. What better way to engage in photography and improve your skills than working with Cheryl Machat Dorskind in one of her insightful, evocative and inspirational classes?

Painting Photos is an online self-paced class exploring various "recipes" for applying painterly effects to your photographs. Painting Photos responds to the “hands-off” process of digital photography with “hands-on” recipes.…

Exploring Color - a Self-Paced Online Class with Personal Instruction Exploring Color is an online photo class designed for all levels of photographers and visual artists and provides the foundations…

Exploring Color 2: This Online Photo Class is rich with insightful lessons and evocative assignments. Sign up and allow Cheryl Machat Dorskind to guide you - you'll  see differently, shoot accurately…

How do the online classes work?

Each online class consists of four lessons, four assignments, and four video critiques.

The lessons and assignments are provided sequentially in pdf format.  Students work at their own pace and will submit three images for video critiques. Once the assignment is uploaded, Cheryl will forward the next lesson and assignment.

While you are working on the next lesson and assignment, Cheryl will be working on the video critiques.

Online Classes video critiques

Cheryl will create a video tutorial/critique (within Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Elements, or iPhoto) for the assignment submitted.  Each of the four videos Cheryl creates averages 15 minutes in length. Therefore, an online class with Cheryl includes at least one hour of her individualized video commentary and critiques! That is quite a bonus – receiving one hour of individualized video commentary about your work from a top-notch pro. Additionally, students will own the lessons for life and they can download the videos. 

Cheryl has perfected this hybrid teaching platform and she brings her expertise in photography, art, literature, and marketing. Students enjoy Cheryl’s teaching style enormously and typically enroll in more than one of her courses (as you will note in some of the comments). Others go on to enroll in a fine art mentoring program or visit her in the Hamptons or New York City to work in person. All go on to become better photographers and motivated with new ideas, skills, and techniques.

From past students

“I can hardly believe that this class is over – the weeks just flew by. I cannot thank you enough for your kind encouragement and gentle instruction. Each lesson I took away something important that has added significant value to my photographic journey – I have refined my processing skills, and I have learned to observe my surroundings with a different emphasis in mind. I especially appreciated your suggestions for improving the imagery – for example, I tried the cropping and burning of the harbor scene as you suggested, and boosting the yellow in the stamens of the forest lilies, and I was quite startled at the difference these tips made. Thank you!”

~Michelle Marlin

“Cheryl, Thank you so much for your comments and suggestions. The last eight weeks and particularly the last four have been exceptional for me. I have particularly appreciated the challenging assignments that you gave us each week. After an initial panic each week, I found myself mulling over each assignment for several days and then planning my response. Somehow that seemed to free me even more when I began taking pictures. Most of my favorite shots evolved as I began shooting. Also, I really enjoyed reading your critiques. I learned a lot by understanding what you saw that made the picture work and from your ideas about how to improve it. I am truly sorry to see the courses end as I saw my skills and my creativity expand each week.”

~Jerry Cohen

“Luckily I have found my way into your realm of photo painting!! I didn’t even know that this existed and I’m just so excited. I’ve learned so much in the last couple of months that right now my brain feels like it might explode –

Thank you so very much for your video critiques!! You were right on and I’ve already made some of the changes you suggested. I’m very pleased!! I appreciate so much your manner of teaching and it has been a pleasure to work with you.

My little artist inside is very young and unsure of herself and you have been so encouraging. I’m so lucky to have found you!! I’m very intrigued by color and look forward to entering that whole new world as well…”

~Cheryl Romalho

”Thank you. Your “Colors” course was just what I needed, just when I needed it. I was getting stagnant and bereft of ideas for my imaging, especially flowers. You have guided me to additional techniques I’ve now added to my imaging armamentarium. Most importantly, you have helped me further understand and appreciate color as another variable to consider and capitalize on when previsualising and creating images. I’m confident that there will be future images that greatly benefit from this new knowledge.

One of the immediate benefits, for me, was that an image I created for one of your assignments is now in my folder of all-time favorites. Thanks for that, too.

You are an excellent artist, photographically and otherwise, which carries through into your teaching. I particularly valued your diligent, in-depth, and conscientious critiques. I will look forward to your new classes, your blog, and your new books.Thank you.

~ Roger Mitchel

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